FUSS Students win big at the 2014 YorkU Social Science and Communication Studies Awards (12.10.2014)


Shelby Kennedy and Anthony Soscia received the Marion Miller Urban Studies Awards from Professor Teresa Abbruzzese (centre)

“The Urban Studies Program in the Department of Social Science presented a number of awards. Two students received the Marion Miller Urban Studies Awards – Shelby Kennedy and Anthony Soscia. The Francis Frisken Award went to Andrew Genner, the Social Science 3700 Urban Studies prize to Ryan Adamson, the Lynn M. Bell Urban Studies Achievement Award to Nayel Halim and the Christina L. Sgro Entrance Award to Saleha Iqbal” (YFile 2014).

Link to article: http://yfile.news.yorku.ca/2014/12/10/social-science-and-communications-studies-students-win-awards/


Call for Journal Submissions

FUSS is looking for articles, research papers, and essays written by you! This is your chance to become published in an Urban Studies journal. The journal will consist of exemplary works that have received an above average grade. This is an excellent way to not only display your work publicly, but to assist with grad school entry. All papers will be related to the field of Urban Studies. Please email (yorkfuss@gmail.com) or drop off your submissions to the FUSS room (304 Calumet).



At FUSS, we take elections seriously. So, if you’re interested in running on our council, please show your interest by sending an email with your “name”, “student number”, “desired position”, “resume”, and a brief “letter of intent” to yorkfuss@gmail.com. We will review your details, and contact you with further information. Please refer to “Our Constitution” for more information on how the election process works.

Our next election for the 2014/2015 academic year is on April 1st, 2014.


FUSS Resource Centre Closure

The Dean’s office hired people to survey how many students were in the Fuss room last year and what they were doing. They claim that students were simply ‘hanging out’ rather than being engaged in academic work and that there were about 5 people in the room any given day. They concluded that 304 Calumet isn’t an important space to students. The resource centre is proposed to be SHUTDOWN and its resources and contents moved to S752 Ross. Fuss is expected to apply for its own space on campus. Urban Studies has had its own space for 30 years. If you are concerned, please make your voices heard. We will be petitioning against the closure and any updates will be posted on our Facebook Page.


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