Special Thanks to the many supportive and enthusiastic individuals within Urban Studies and the Department of Social Science!

Professor and Undergraduate Program Director, Peggy Keall –

Professor and Urban Studies Coordinator, Douglas Young –

Professor, Teresa Abbruzzese –

Professor, Lisa Drummond –

Professor, Alison Bain –

Professor, Lewis Code –

Professor, Roger Keil –

Professor, George Fallis – (retired)

Professor, Jon Caulfield – (retired)

Professor and Acting Director of the City Institute, Linda Peake –

Also, a special thanks to all of the graduating members of the 2013-14 FUSS Team (Anthony Soscia, Saeda Reynolds, Dave Johnson, Carmela Andriano, Helen Jankovski, Melody Irankhah, Tristan Costa, Benjamin Smith) for passing on the FUSS legacy! Good luck with your future endeavors!

and always a big thanks to Calumet College for accommodating FUSS!


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