About Us – Our Team

Federation of Urban Studies Students (FUSS) at York University represents the students whose major or minor is Urban Studies, as well as people who are interested in this subject. Our goal is to provide academic and social events, including pub nights, study groups and field trips. If you want to join, please visit our office, come to one of our events or contact us via e-mail: yorkfuss@gmail.com

Our Teams:

The 2014/15 FUSS Team (Picture to be taken soon… we promise):

President: Shelby Kennedy

Vice President: Charles Ng

Event Coordinator: Nayel Halim

Media Coordinator: Darcy McKinlay

Academic Advisor: Raven Williams

Treasurer: Julie Ngi

Webmaster: Patrycja Jankowski

3rd Year Representative: Avery Donsky

Secretary: Alex Mendiola

Alumni Relations: Anthony Soscia


The 2013/2014 FUSS Team (Below):


From left to right: Darshan, Ben, Carmela, Anthony, Julie, Melody, Saeda, Nayel. Not in picture: Helen, Tristan, Dave, David


Co-Presidents: Nayel Halim and Saeda Reynolds

Vice President: Dave Johnson

Treasurer: Carmela Andriano

Secretary: Helen Jankovski

Interdisciplinary Director: Julie Ngi

Academic Advisor/Social Media Coordinator: Anthony Soscia

Director of Communications: Melody Irankhah

Event Coordinator: Tristan Costa

3rd Year Representative: David Gasinec

4th Year Representative: Benjamin Smith


 The 2012/ 2013 FUSS Team (Below):

Co-Presidents: Anthony Dionigi and Josee Guimond

Vice President: Ryan Brown

Treasurer: Dave Johnson

Program Director: Azzaro Hart

Academic Adviser: Curt Murray

Secretary: Nayel Halim

Event Coordinators: Emily Gallo and Angela Volpe

3rd Year Representatives: Saeda Reynolds

Webmaster: Anthony Sotomayor

4th Year Representative: Tristan Costa


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